Holiday village on a sandy beach Valkla rand - small quiet beach near Tallinn Restaurant with a seaview We are family and pet friendly casual dining restaurant. Meetings & Events Meeting and event rooms near Tallinn with a nice view and touch of nature Valkla Beach holiday village Only 30 minutes driving distance from Tallinn Saunas with hot tub Get the experience of the Estonian sauna tradition
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The recreation centre “Valkla Rand” is situated on the most spectacular stretch of shoreline along Kolga Bay. The picturesque natural setting and interior design make the centre a truly cosy and comfortable place to relax at any time of the year.
Valkla beach, compared to major resorts, has always been a quieter place which is particularly suited for people seeking some peace and quiet. The recreation centre “Valkla Rand” is perfect for family vacations, company seminars and events (summer and winter days, trainings), weddings, and birthdays.
We offer accommodation in camping houses, sauna houses, and forest huts, which can be used for accommodation all year round.

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